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СНГ / Re: Bourbon Marine Services
« : Февраль 21, 2018, 12:16:10 pm »
Bourbon to Cut Crews and Sell 41 Ships.

Bourbon announced that it is doubling down on restructuring to adjust to market overcapacity. Bourbon told investors that utilization of the world's offshore fleet is at just 55 percent, even less than in 2015 and 2016, and a third of the world's OSVs are stacked. These challenging conditions have had an impact on Bourbon's bottom line, and the firm's preliminary financial statements indicate a net loss in the range of $740 million for 2017, despite its efforts to control costs.

Since the downturn began in 2014, Bourbon has brought its opex down by 30 percent and reduced its capex by nearly 90 percent, eliminating its newbuilding program and slashing its maintenance costs. To adjust further, Bourbon intends to reduce opex by another 25 percent. A large part of this cut would come through a four-person-per-vessel manning reduction, which would allow for at least several hundred fewer licensed mariner positions if implemented across a planned "smart fleet."

Bourbon hopes to replace one officer per OSV with automated dynamic positioning technology, one junior officer per vessel through "onboard process simplification," and one more officer and one AB through the use of condition-based, predictive maintenance. The DP automation technology is under development in partnership with a leading marine electronics firm, and it is already in testing aboard the Bourbon Explorer 508. Ultimately, Bourbon envisages these developments as stepping stones towards vessel autonomy.

да чё вы пацаны, там сейчас 100 сиви упало на трамонтановский адрес от братьев наших меньших..

Эстония / Re: OGUK
« : Февраль 16, 2018, 03:34:31 pm »
ну так после стольких жалоб..

одна огук 165 стоит, или огук + эстонская? хочу ещё спросить в водном депе подойдёт им огук с бемеда или надо приносить эстонскую. вроде когда то они мне говорили что любая морская мед. комиссия от доктора в эстонии.

Все остальные / Re: Saipem
« : Февраль 13, 2018, 03:35:12 pm »
Cyprus on Sunday accused the Turkish military of obstructing a ship contracted by Italian oil company Eni from approaching an area to explore for natural gas, highlighting tensions over offshore resources in the east Mediterranean.

A spokesman for Eni said on Sunday the Saipem 12000 drill ship had been heading from a location southwest of Cyprus towards an area southeast of the island on Friday when it was stopped by Turkish military ships and told not to continue because of military activities in the destination area.

Turkey, which does not have diplomatic relations with Cyprus, claims that certain areas in Cyprus’s offshore maritime zone, known as an EEZ, fall into the jurisdiction of Turkey or that of Turkish Cypriots.

Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades said Turkey had violated international law by blocking the ship and Cyprus would take “necessary steps”, without elaborating, although he seemed keen to avoid exacerbating the situation.

“From our side, our actions reflect the necessity of avoiding anything which could escalate (the situation), without of course overlooking the violation of international law perpetrated by Turkey,” Anastasiades told journalists in Nicosia.

A spokesman for the Italian foreign ministry confirmed that Turkish authorities were not allowing the ship to proceed towards its destination.

Italy is following the matter “at the highest level through its diplomats in Nicosia and Ankara … and following all possible diplomatic steps to resolve the question,” the spokesman said.

A spokesperson for Italy’s state-controlled Eni said the ship, which was travelling after reporting a natural gas discovery in another prospect within Cypriot maritime boundaries on Feb. 8, would remain stationary until the issue was resolved.

“The vessel has prudently executed the orders and will remain in position pending an evolution of the situation,” the spokesperson said.

The ship was heading to Block 3 of Cyprus’s exclusive economic zone, ENI said.

Turkey’s ministry of foreign affairs, in a statement on Sunday did not make any mention of obstructing the Eni ship but said exploration of Block 3 was a unilateral move by Greek Cypriots that violated the sovereign rights of Turkish Cypriots on the ethnically-split island and Greek Cypriots were jeopardising security and stability in the region.

Greek Cypriots, who are exploring for natural gas, run Cyprus’s internationally recognised government. Turkish Cypriots run a breakaway state recognised only by Ankara in north Cyprus and say resources around the island belong to them too.

Cyprus’s state radio reported senior officials from Eni would hold talks in Nicosia on Monday.

The island was split in a Turkish invasion in 1974 after a brief Greek-inspired coup. Peace talks collapsed last year.

Turkey’s ministry of foreign affairs said it would continue to protect Turkey’s own rights and interests on its continental shelf, and those of Turkish Cypriots.

“We also make use of this opportunity to strongly emphasize our expectation that companies centred in third countries refrain from supporting … this unconstructive Greek Cypriot attitude which also constitutes a major obstacle to the settlement of the Cyprus issue,” it said.

Вакансии / Re: 2nd Engineer on Diving support vessel
« : Февраль 13, 2018, 11:42:09 am »
bullsea, я тебе скажу на своём примере. у меня больше 10ти лет опыта работы в офшоре на DP судах. если я захочу сейчас поменять тип судна на DSV - MPV Everest, то я туда максимум попаду 2м помошником, а то и вообще не попаду.

ну если придираться к фамилиям:

распутин путин


YouTube требует удалить передачу Навального о Приходько, Дерипаске и Рыбке.

Компания YouTube потребовала от владельцев канала "Навальный Live" удалить программу от 8 февраля, часть которой посвящена расследованию Фонда борьбы с коррупцией (ФБК) про олигарха Олега Дерипаску и вице-премьера Сергея Приходько.

Продюсер канала Оксана Баулина в пятницу, 12 февраля, опубликовала скриншот письма от компании в своем Twitter. В документе сказано, что Роскомнадзор добавил адрес этого ролика в запрещенный список материалов. "Если вы не удалите контент, компания Google может быть вынуждена заблокировать контент", - говорится в письме от YouTube.

Глава ФБК Алексей Навальный 8 февраля опубликовал фильм-расследование, в котором приводятся видео и фотографии Приходько и Дерипаски на яхте миллиардера.
Основной источник документальных доказательств - девушка из эскорта Анастасия Рыбка, побывавшая с высокопоставленным чиновником и олигархом в путешествии по Норвегии.
В фильме Навальный также показывает фото недвижимости Приходько и его жены, подчеркивая при этом, что их официальных доходов явно недостаточно, чтобы располагать такими активами, как огромный дом и две большие квартиры в центре Москвы.

Дерипаска подал в суд на Рыбку, после чего Роскомнадзор 10 февраля внес страницу с расследованием в реестр запрещенных сайтов и потребовал от СМИ удалить фото и видео из материалов об этой истории.

трясогузки — род певчих птиц семейства трясогузковых

Кают-компания / Re: Pioneering Spirit
« : Февраль 09, 2018, 07:24:35 am »
Allseas Planning Bigger, More Powerful Version of Record-Setting Pioneering Spirit

Swiss offshore engineering company Allseas is said to be planning a bigger version of its famous Pioneering Spirit, the giant offshore installation and platform decommissioning vessel that has set all sorts of records in terms of size and lifting capacity since its delivery in 2016.

According to a report from Reuters, Allseas CEO Edward Heerema revealed to reporters that the company is seriously considering a second vessel, to be named Amazing Grace, that will be even bigger and more powerful than its predecessor.

Mr. Heerema said that the vessel could cost as much as $3 billion to construct, although a final investment decision is still years away.

At 382 meters long and 124 meters wide, the purpose-built Pioneering Spirit is the largest offshore construction ship ever built. The bow features a large slot and lifting beams that can straddle offshore platforms, allowing the vessel removing entire topsides weighing up to 48,000 tonnes in a single lift.

This single lift method is considered a major departure from traditional decommissioning, where topsides are usually taken apart piece by piece.

In 2017, the Pioneering Spirit set a new world lifting record with the successful removal of Shell’s 24,000 tonne Brent Delta platform in the North Sea in a single lift.

If Allseas were to move forward with a second vessel, it would be built with 50 percent greater lifting capacity and would be 30% longer than Pioneering Spirit, Mr. Heerema told Reuters on the sidelines of a conference this week.

“We have been asked by the operators to look at the technical possibilities to remove bigger platforms,” he said. “Due to its speed, single-lift technology is the most cost-efficient method to use,” he added.

Although plans to seem to be in the works, however, a final investment decision is still be about 3 years away, Mr. Heerema said.

Эстония / Re: Revali Merekool
« : Февраль 08, 2018, 03:42:22 pm »
путин и Россия это две разные вещи

Эстония / Re: Revali Merekool
« : Февраль 08, 2018, 11:50:31 am »
не знаю. мне не надо.

Эстония / Re: Revali Merekool
« : Февраль 08, 2018, 08:17:30 am »
ревалефобия перевешивает

Латыши тоже смешные кадры. уже представляются; здраствуйте я Кирилс, Игорс и т.д. ржака ещё та.

Senk you veri mach Mr. Taavi. My neim is Mr. Mykailo, I am from Kherson Republik of Ukraina, I am much interested, sending you my cv. Me speak good enlgish, 35 years offshore experience stamped in my knizhka morjaka.

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